Disclaimer & privacy

Disclaimer & privacy

Information on the Vietnam Banking – Financial Soundness Indicators are derived from Vietdata (via https://www.vietdata.vn). It includes annual data of listed and unlisted banks from 2016. The result is a comprehensive banking database that you can use to identify, analyze and monitor banks and other financial institutions. Information on the Dashboard is prepared on the basis of consistent definitions and guidelines, designed in consultation with the banking industry. In a few instances, these definitions and guidelines may provide some discretion around how data is calculated or presented. Users of the Dashboard should be aware that this may, to a limited extent, make the data or information on the Dashboard less comparable across banks. Users of the Dashboard should also be aware that the basis for preparing information on the Dashboard may occasionally vary from that used for preparing information in Disclosure Statements. Where this results in any differences in the information on the Dashboard and in Disclosure Statements, individual banks may choose to publish reconciliations of these differences.


Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology VNUHCM (VNUHCM IBT) does not accept or assume any responsibility or legal liability for the timeliness, accuracy, correctness, or completeness of the information on the Dashboard. VNUHCM IBT does not involve the giving of advice to depositors or other investors on the financial condition of any particular bank.

Terms of use

Material on the Dashboard may be reproduced and used without the specific permission of the Bank.


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Collection, storage and use

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