Asset quality

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The ratio of loan loss provisions to total loans (LLPTL)
How much of the total portfolio has been provided for but not charged off. It is a reserve for losses expressed as a percentage of total loans. Given a consistent charge-off policy, the higher the ratio the poorer the quality of the loan portfolio will be.
The ratio of loan loss provisions to net interest income (LLPII)
Loan Loss Provisions as % of Net Interest revenue. This ratio indications how much of interest income has to be set aside for provisioning on non performing loans.
The ratio of total loans to total assets (TLTA)
The percentage of total assets that are invested in the loan portfolio
The ratio of non-performing loans to total loans
Bank nonperforming loans to total gross loans are the value of nonperforming loans divided by the total value of the loan portfolio. A lower value of non-performing loans generally indicates a bank has a higher quality loan portfolio.